In addition to being a manufacturer of products that serve both the professional and amateur fabricator, Mittler Bros. also has a great deal of experience in the design & building of custom pieces of manufacturing equipment. We’ve served a diversified group of industries, both large and small scale. You can see a few examples of past projects below:

Tab Assembly Machine

This Tab Assembly Machine was completed for a civil engineering client. The tabs, short for Reflective Flexible Road Tabs, are for road use as durable and highly visible lane markers. It is designed to process specified lengths of extruded plastic tab material with adhesive applied to the bottom and 1/4” reflective tape on none, one or both sides of the finished parts.Boxed lengths of the extrusion are stored on an in-feed rack above and in front of the tab track. The lower, front location is intended to hold the current box from which tab lengths are being fed. New individual lengths are placed in the in-feed track when the previous length is nearing the machine guide. The extrusion feeds automatically through the side tape wheels and adhesive applicator until it reaches a cut-off station. It then falls onto a conveyor where parts can be bulk dropped or packed.

Hydraulic Integrity Skid

The purpose of this mobile machine is to remove any presence of moisture by performing a dry-air blowoff and vacuum pull on the windings of a stator.

Chemical Tablet Flex Picker

Part Manufacturing

In addition to designing & building our speciality equipment/machinery, we also have the capabilities for standard production of parts & pieces, such as a few of the examples above. Please click here to view our shop facilities list with a brief description of what we can do for you.