Mittler Bros has been building specialized pieces of machinery and testing fixtures for the automotive industry for almost as long as we’ve been in business. We’ve worked with various OEM’s in Detroit as well as aftermarket manufacturers to create solutions for very specific manufacturing needs. Take a look below at several specific examples:

Oil Pan Machine

This automated assembly & 100% inspection machine is designed and built to press dowel pins and torque the drain plug in an automotive oil pan. Both the pressing forces and torquing is monitored for proper load & specialization, signalling the operator of a pass/fail condition.

Oil Pan Drill & Spot Face Machine

Automotive Cylinder Head Leak Tester

The purpose of this submersible leak tester is to identify & locate any possible leaks in either the oil passages or the internal water jacket of a cast aluminum cylinder head prior to assembly.

Valve Cover Machine

This precision rotary transfer machine is designed and built to machine high volume automotive aluminum valve cover castings. The advantages with this style of machine eliminates the need for secondary operations, maximizes productivity, and improves part quality with a single clamping.